Meet Magento Japan 2016

Meet Magento Japan 2016 is my second Meet Magento event of this year. On 22nd November of 2016, the event held at Bellesalle Shinjuku Grand located in heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku. Meet Magento is a legend in Magento world. The association is a non-profit organization and supporting Magento users worldwide. They provide a good platform for both Merchants & Developers by arranging events all over the world.

Meet Magento Japan, 2016

Like all other Meet Magento events, the event was divided into two parallel sessions: main ballroom session and technical (sub) session. Though the event was scheduled on 22nd November but our preparation started couple of months before. This event kept us busy on all social networks to inform people about this event. The first challenge we faced is Magento not much popular in Japan. For Japanese merchants and developers Magento is hard to understand and handle. But truly, Japan has very high potential market for Magento. The way Magento is taking control over e-commerce world, people should think before choosing other platform for their e-commerce business.

Reception of Meet Magento Japan

The event starting time was at 10:00 and reception opened 30 mins before the main event. On reception audiences received their ID and a small gift from the event organizer. Finally the time came and the event inaugurated by the CEO of Veriteworks, Momoko Asaka. In her speech, couple of inspiring points got focus. Her company is contributing to Magento Community and also working hard to introduce Magento to the Japanese commodity.

Momoko Asaka, event opening speech

Hirokazu Nishi, started with the history of Magento, then he presented some interesting statistics of magento 1 and magento 2. And also, he shared important tips on how to optimize Magento store. For me this session was the key session of the event. Session was compacted with valuable information. By focusing on knowledge sharing, he said, “your experience may be someone’s need”.

Hirokazu Nishi

“Robohon”, now a days very well known name in Japan. Developed by famous Japanese company “Sharp”. They have chosen Magento as their ecommerce platform. Mr. Koji Hisaka pointed out the reasons of choosing Magento for their company and describe briefly sharp’s ecommerce architecture.

Koji Hisaka

After lunch, technical and main session started together. On the main room payment gateway, paygent describes their architecture to connect with ecommarce website. Talesh had wonderful session, talked about online security. Mr. Kazuki shared his experience of migration to magento2 from ec-cube. Henrik from vaimo, highlight on modern consumer tactics. In the technical room, programmers shared their practical experiences. These sessions were very informative and helpful for developers.

Talesh Seeparsan talking on security
Henrik Mebius focusing on Modern e-commerce

This is first time I had experience of real time translation. They provided Japanese and English both translations on the real time. Hats-off to these guys.

On-screen translators

Final session was covered by Ben Marks, Magento evangelist. He discussed the journey of Magento since 2007. This session focused on the improvements of Magento2 over magento1, benefits and features of Enterprise edition and much better marketplace for Magento theme and extension.

Final session by Ben Marks

In the event closing session the guest speakers received  a surprise souvenir from the organizer, Momoko Asaka. She also thanked all the attendees and the speakers and staffs for making this event successful. Followed by this closing speech everyone joined the party and enrich their business communication.

Guests are receiving souvenir from the organizer
Event ending party and networking

During the event, special interview taken of the most well-known faces in the Magento community. Detail information available here.

Meet Magento Japan 2016 will always be in my memory because this event unlocked my skill and gave me the opportunity to speak up in front of people. I would like to thank the speakers, the sponsors and the attendees for making this event wonderful.

Thank You

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